Current Services

At Core Inspection Group, we’re leaders in the home inspection industry. We’ve married state of the art technology, including infrared cameras, drones, and sewer scope cameras, with Knowledgeable inspectors to provide the best home inspection experience on the market.

Mold Inspection

Concerns with Mold….. we can help. Our Certified Mold Inspector can obtain  Mold swabs where visible signs of microbial like growth are detected. Air  samples can also be taken to determine if mold spores are present in the air. A detailed report with mold types and levels is generated by a lab that specializes in microbial growth.

DID you know that a mold spore is typically the size of a pencil tip? – This means that the presence of mold can go for a long period of time before detected with visual inspection. This is why capturing

4 Simple  to determine is a Mold Inspection should be added?

  • Has the home been closed for an extended period of time?
  • Is there a History of water intrusion at the property?
  • Is there a Musky smell OR unusual odor in the property?
  • Do you have concerns with Allergies?

WDI (Wood Destroying Insect Inspection)

Also known as a termite inspection, this inspection is completed to identify the presence of termites, wood boring beetles, and carpenter ants amongst other insects. Due to the destructive nature of these insects, these reports are often required to obtain bank financing.


If repairs are completed on items called out during a full inspection, we can come back out after the fact to make sure repairs are completed properly and fully.

HUD 203K Renovation Consulting

The 203k program allows buyers to borrow funds necessary to purchase and renovate properties in one closing. Almost any property qualifies! Core Inspection Group has certified consultants on staff to perform a Feasibility Analysis, Work Write Up, and Draw Inspections to facilitate the purchase and renovation process. Call for details.

Radon Testing

Radon is the 2nd leading cause to lung cancer. Our inspectors test for radon levels inside a structure to ensure the amount of radon is safe per EPA standards. This reports typically takes 2-3 days for completion.

Sewer Scope Inspection

We use specialized cameras to inspection the condition of the underground waste line. This is done to determine if the system is functioning as designed. Typical issues uncovered are Line Failures, Cracks, Blockages and Root Intrusion. Imagine purchasing a home and finding out down the line that there are problems with the sewer system. On top of the potentially messy backups, you’ll be looking at a pretty expensive sewer repair bill. On average, repairs can cost between $5,000 – $15,000.